I've two Wordpress blogs. I wish to pull the "5 newest posts" in the first blog with publish title, date, and connect to publish and display this data alternatively. I'm not sure if there's a wordpress plugin that performs this kind of factor already, but simply wondering the way i is capable of this.

What you ought to use here's an RSS in the first blog and display it utilizing a wordpress plugin or something like that you'd code your self on the second blog. The reason why with this approach are:

  • simplicity of implementation
  • security - functions that pull data in the database in blog 1 aren't open to blog 2 (db configurations, etc). I am unsure if wordpress provides some kind of an oAuth API yet to drag this data inside a secure way

Something similar to KB Advanced RSS Widget must do for the situation.

This somewhat is dependent on in which you want the posts from "Blog 2" to show on "Blog 1". For example, if you would like these to display within the sidebar as well as your theme supports icons, then WordPress includes a built-in RSS widget. You need to simply provide the Feed for Blog 2. That will most likely function as the easiest implementation.

Otherwise a wordpress plugin of some kind to seize the feed would most likely work nicely, as Artem recommended.

Yes RSS would most likely be the easiest method to get it done. Here is a publish that covers several different ways to get it done.