I must code a credit card applicatoin on my small server that creates emails according to info which come from the database located on another server and I'm not sure how you can query that information. I am using PHP/MySQL. I can not established an association for this database like I actually do normally (when database is host on a single server the application file), right?

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Wrong, there's no difference whether code and database are on a single or different servers. As lengthy because the remote db server is set up to permit conections from foreign hosts that's... But that is a hosting problem not really a programming one.

I am not necessarily sure the reason why you wouldn't have the ability to. I have located databases on servers apart from my hosting server before.

Do this

$my_db = mysql_connect('yourdb.com:3307', 'myuser', 'mypassword');
    if (!$my_db) die('This might be a problem: ' . mysql_error());

If mysql is on another machine , from mysql, you need to give permission for outsider.