I personally use SQL Server.

You will find 2 databases, old and also the new one.

Databases relational structures are the identical.

The main difference is:

  1. Some posts in a single table are missing
  2. Some posts have different game titles
  3. Some posts in a replacement are added

Now you ask , to obtain the method to import data from old database to a different one.

Make use of the Import Data Wizard in SSMS to accomplish the job:

enter image description here

It'll take you step-by-step through the steps. Read more here.

you are able to write a select into query, but consider eric's method first. I am only adding this as a substitute.

USE AdventureWorks2008R2;
SELECT c.FirstName, c.LastName, e.JobTitle, a.AddressLine1, a.City, 
    sp.Name AS [State/Province], a.PostalCode
INTO dbo.EmployeeAddresses
FROM Person.Person AS c
    JOIN HumanResources.Employee AS e 
    ON e.BusinessEntityID = c.BusinessEntityID
    JOIN Person.BusinessEntityAddress AS bea
    ON e.BusinessEntityID = bea.BusinessEntityID
    JOIN Person.Address AS a
    ON bea.AddressID = a.AddressID
    JOIN Person.StateProvince as sp 
    ON sp.StateProvinceID = a.StateProvinceID;

reference: msdn

with "as" claims you should write the column names from the destination, to ensure that the posts match.