i'm creating a mobile application for Symbian S40 platform and i'm using J2ME.so among the finest to see b .xls file.

so please let me know how do i do that?

can one use Apache POI for this function?

The 2 primary methods for reading through Stand out files with Java are POI and JExcelApi. However, both of them are written for Java SE and employ classes not based in the CLDC-based Java ME implementations for example Nokia phones.

These projects are free, so that you can always attempt to extract the code you require from them and/or port them up to the more restricted CLDC/MIDP platform.

Alternatively, it is possible to method for you to push the reading through from the excel spreadsheets towards the server rather? Possess a servlet/JSP use POI/JExcelApi to parse the spreadsheet and return the important information inside a format the consumer application can parse.