I'm writing an Html page for my mobile phone. Its basically a Dictionary Application where I input a thing and that i lookup this is from say, Dictionary.com

I'm using Javascript to find the string but could I embed the term in to the URL, "http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/"

Can there be in whatever way to do this ?

You are able to embed the term in to the url using this method:

var research_url = "http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/" + your_word

After that, it is dependent how you need to load the web site. Regrettably, there's not a way to remotely query the web site from afar in JavaScript. You are going to need to apply certain other tool you've available. For now, maybe you can easily do window.location = research_url ?

Because of same origin policy limitations no chance with pure javascript. When the 3rd party site has an API that supports JSONP than the perform although not within the general situation.