Ok, I have read a lot of good examples on a lot of sites, it will get really confusing what's happening if this appears you will find a large number of method of doing anything with .htaccess.

Anyway, here's my setup: I've 2 domains example1.com and example2.com

example1.com is definitely an add-on domain, so its root is incorporated in the subfolder /example1.com/ on my small server. After I type www.example1.com, that is what I see: http://www.example1.com/ That's perfectly fine.

example2.com is really a parked domain, it indicates exactly the same folder /example1.com/ . After I type www.example2.com, that is what : http://www.example2.com/example1.com/ I'd like To not begin to see the subfolder, I must see http://www.example2.com/ but have a similar content offered.

There has to be a method to do that with htaccess. I Really Hope someone might help.


You could utilize an iframe (ie: A box that syndicates another web-page) and skip any hassle with htaccess. The outcomes are indistinguishable.