I'd heavy SQL dump of the table. I made use of bigdump lib to import it in MySql database on my small server. Even though it labored fine, however i've copied records for the reason that table. same table on local server has 8 lac records but on server it's 15 lac records.

Are you able to suggest us a query to remove duplicate records out of this table? Here's my table structure.

enter image description here

Table title is : techdata_items

P.S. This table have no primary key.

SQL isn't my strong point however i think you are able to export caused by this question:


After which, produce a new table and import your results.

First starters why have you got no primary key? You might have simply made that id area that auto batches a principal answer to prevent replicates. My suggestion is always to produce a new table and perform a

Choose Distinct * from table and set the outcomes right into a new table which has a primary key