I'd some issues with improving joomla from 1. to at least one.5 (I must go completely to at least one.7 ).

Anyway, my client comes with an old joomla 1. instalation and also the website is hudge as well as in Croatian. Which means I suffer from figures like Č,č,Ć,ć,Đ,đ... Old database is within latin1_swedish_ci collation, and I have moved it with migration script to new database of joomla 1.5 that's in utf8_general_ci.

That resulted (not surprisingly) in certain character confusion, so for instance: ć grew to become è, È --> Č, etc...

Transforming 1. database to utf8 collation isn't a choice, because it reduces relaxation from the content around the first appearance of Č,ć,đ,đ etc...

So, things i was doing is query:

update jos_content
    set introtext = replace(introtext, 'È', 'Č');

What this may is obtain the joomla content table and in most intro texts replaces È with Č.

Used to do this for game titles too, however when I attempt to get it done with fulltext, I recieve this error:

SQL query:

UPDATE jos_content SET FULLTEXT = REPLACE( introtext,  'È',  'Č' ) ;

MySQL said: 

#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'fulltext = replace(introtext, 'È', 'Č')' at line 2

SO, is some type of memory problem (as this is a complete text in the end) or shall we be held just doing a problem. Also, if there's an easy method to exchange all of this figures please let me know, this is exactly what I determined from MySQL "unreadable" documentation.

FULLTEXT is really a reserved word in mysql and have to be steered clear of by back ticks (`) in case your column title have a similar title.

UPDATE jos_content SET `FULLTEXT` = REPLACE(introtext, 'È', 'Č');