I've got a web service project I am focusing on. There's Sinatra, apache, passenger, and ruby placed on this server. I had been given an identical existing setup and that i simply need to modify a couple of things. I exchanged one ruby script with mine. It had been working prior to the swap, however it provides me with this error:

NameError at /upload
uninitialized constant Sinatra::Application::InBlock

I have never labored with Sinatra before, so I am a total noob to all this. My script's title is within_block.rb, therefore it is not realizing this script. Must i add it's title to some config file somewhere to initialize it? I am not necessarily sure what I have to do here. The aim of this particular service would be to have customers upload code and my web service unpacks it in the submitted zip, patches it, repacks, and transmits it down again towards the user. The man that i did so these types of services has since left and nobody else knows anything about Sinatra, so that they just gave this in my experience. Any ideas of the items things cause this error? I'm able to provide code as needed, however i wasn't sure if this sounds like some easy fix or otherwise. I have seen similar issues online in which a require only agreed to be needed somewhere, but my script uses exactly the same requires because the one it changed, so I am unsure what is going on wrong.