I needed to obvious out a table during my DB, and so i dropped the table. Normally I'd do manage.py syncdb to re-create it. However, the solution here states to not use syncdb any longer. So, exactly what do I actually do rather?

Hmm this exchange covers my very question:

Should you customize the database manually, South will not notice - its best way of monitoring what version the database it's the south_migrationhistory table, if you fiddle behind its back, it's your responsibility to repair it.

Things I wound up doing was leaving comments the model which i dropped under consideration, carrying out a schemamigration, creating a clear no-column table from the one I dropped (so South has something to decrease), migrateing, then not-leaving comments the model, schemamigration and migrateing again. A little more annoying than simply shedding the table and syncdb but ah well.

Had exactly the same problem. Unsure this works in most conditions, but this is what Used to do:

  1. comment out "south" from INSTALLED_Applications
  2. run manage.py syncdb
  3. uncomment "south" in INSTALLED_Applications
  4. run manage.py migrate


Your mileage can vary....