Wordpress 3 includes a beautiful implementation of TinyMCE that, In my opinion, works much more easily compared to original TinyMCE which it's based.

Stuff that are wonderful: - The HTML/source view like a tab as opposed to a popup - A stylish skin - Great image handling, including crop and re-size

What should i 'steal' from Wordpress to obtain a working version of Wordpress TinyMCE to be used outdoors Wordpress, i.e. inside a custom application? Clearly the look processing is completed in PHP too...


This could involve a whole free project by itself, that is outdoors the scope of Stack Overflow. I'd avoid the crop and image processing features as that's completed in the Thickbox lightbox, and merely concentrate on the javascript only sections.

I'd begin by saving the file like a html file, while you will not need server side scripting to operate javascript. You'll be able to remove areas of the code which are useless, separating just the parts needed to create the Wordpress specific TinyMCE work.