I had been browsing GitHub.com and that i observed when searching in the source for any repository, and also you click personal files, the origin code 35mm slides in and also the URL changes, however it does not looks as if the page has rejuvenated. Does anybody understand how this is accomplished? I have seen this completed with the # sign, particularly when creating Expensive sites, but I have never witnessed this done that can compare with the way in which GitHub does it, with no #.

Here's a good example: https://github.com/jquery/jquery

Click among the text files like .gitattributes then click jQuery within the breadcrumb to determine the reason.

XMLHttpRequest can be used around the client-side in Chrome/Webkit browsers to fetch server-side assets without page refreshing, and submissions are dynamically loaded in, and animations could be hooked in throughout that content being appended.

I am unsure precisely why only Chrome is specific through the ajax, as usually hash mark changes when ajax is used very much the same ( like twitter ).

For that url altering dynamically, In my opinion all that's done is location.href is up-to-date. On second thought, it may be newer and more effective HTML5 feature that only chrome supports.

Github uses window.history.replaceState()

Here you can observe the way they get it done

I discovered this short article which describes these HTML5 features - window.history.pushState(), window.history.replaceState() and also the onpopstate() event: http://world wide web.spoiledmilk.dk/blog/?p=1922

Because the article mentions, Flickr can also be by using this technique in a number of places.