(Oh, its Jboss not Apache. wow)

I'm learning CGI and would like to operate a test cgi on Jboss web server as initial step lol. I've looked lots of assets on the internet and attempted lots of ways, however it be opened up like a text file on browser.

More details: 1 I put script inside a directory, and open it up on browser e.g. www.xxxx.com/staging/welcome.cgi. In a position to open, but shows text not run as script.

2 Script is beginning with #!/usr/bin/perl -wT. And That I have confirmed my server can run Perl script,path /usr/bin/perl can also be correct.

3 I've attempted modified httpd.conf based on the lessons obtained online

It's most most likely related to the truth that your directory your script is positioned in does not not ExecCGI Option enabled.

Typically completed with something similar to

<Directory /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/somedir>
Options +ExecCGI


Automatically Apache nominates certain sites you can put CGI scripts in.