To pure curiosity and energy control.

I've got a project on my small localhost in ubuntu (or perhaps in home windows). Now I would like it to operate on http://localhost/myproject on Os's. Exactly the same version from the project as with edits while using the the os's will effect the project and you will begin to see the results on them.

Is the fact that possible ?

Take Wordpress project for example ( PHP Project )

The fast and dirty method of carrying this out is to place your php scripts right into a shared directory, configure both webservers to suggest to that particular, and point it to some single shared database.

The proper way to do this is by using version control, continuous integration and automated deployment scripts. When you sign in your code, you could have it instantly unveil to any or all platforms you want to check on. I would suggest that you simply copy your database to every server too instead of connect multiple instances exactly the same database.

I'd question why you need to make use of this whatsoever though - Wordpress is pure PHP/MySQL and runs unchanged on much more platforms than simply Home windows and GNU/Linux.

EDIT: If you are going to go lower the fast and dirty route and you have your php scripts around the Home windows box, just mount your Home windows share on Ubuntu, i.e.

mount -t smbfs //windowsbox/webroot /mnt/windows

(plus username/password etc as needed)

Then use the [cde] directive in Apache


Then setup your MySQL therefore it is listening externally around the Home windows box and configure Wordpress for connecting towards the exterior hostname from the Home windows box (i.e. mycomputername not localhost)