I'm creating a membership site using Google Application Engine and VPS

  1. The website is really a membership site built by Google Application Engine in Python

  2. Videos are saved inside a separate VPS. Only people are meant to get access to these videos.

  3. How do i safeguard my videos from non-people? For people, I wish to enable expiring download links and IP locked download links.

Any hint regarding how to do that? I suppose I want something similar to http://world wide web.disposablelinks.com/. Can there be any free or open source concentrating on the same features?

BTW: I'm utilizing a VPS not Amazon . com S3 or Google Storage since the bandwidth for cloud services are far too costly...I've about 30GB videos and 3T bandwidth monthly.



Update: I'm considering using PHP around the VPS and Researched "PHP hide file path" and also got plenty of interesting assets. I believe I'm able to solve this issue by myself. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

You are able to put some type of "marker" into user cookie, with value like: md5(mySecret + IP) and appearance it on other server.