Like a follow-up to an earlier question that attracted an entire zero solutions, I am curious about the options of permitting an internet server (apache) to create to the own document root (Linux), to be able to dynamically create meta-redirect files.

Obviously, this sounds incredibly harmful, and I am cautious about going the entire hog and granting the net-server user full write-use of its very own docroot. It is possible to appropriate method of accomplishing this?

Use mod-rewrite, mapping to some program that you simply email perform the rewrites according to database records as well as other mechanism.

Instructions here:

Search for: "Exterior Spinning Program" around the page

Edit (from Vinko within the comments, 2.2 paperwork)

What's usually done would be to allow creates simply to subdirectories, hopefully situated inside a noexec mounted partition.

Nevertheless, it appears in my experience that you ought to just create some RewriteMap directives to complete your dynamic redirection, you shouldn't have to create files within the document root to complete that.

I clarified similarly within the other question, only for completeness.

This really is incredibly harmful if you're attempting to achieve what your previous question was bothering.

If you are planning to follow this path, you will want a lot of testing to avoid people from forcing webserver instructions into htaccess files.