Some occasions apache get high CPU usage on my small server... near now I saw like 20 php process running at same time. I want something to determine what script each instance are running. Some much better than "apache server-status". A buddy told-me Zabbix. I want see what script are running.. just it!

It could be easier to make use of an code tracer in PHP to determine what can cause a higher load in Apache. Check

The Apache log will explain what Web addresses happen to be utilized, along with other helpful information like the response time for every request.

If you are concerned that particular pages are running gradually, make use of an Apache log analysis tool to filter the hits by response time. This will provide you with a fairly obvious concept of which page(s) are leading to an issue for you personally. You will find a variety of tools open to analyse Apache logs, varying from web-based Statistics tools targeted at monitoring your customer census to more technical analysis tools. I can not really recommend anyone particularly, so I'll just suggest using google with this. You will get lots of results.

Knowing which pages to research, next try profiling the web pages under consideration, to determine what functions are leading to the bottleneck. XDebug may be the p-facto tool with this with PHP. (It's a full PHP debugger, complete having the ability to step through code line-by-line, and integration into the majority of the popular IDEs.