I'm focusing on a task using MULE ESB.

The current scenario within the application I'm working is

In the first application we could send xml msgs to peoplesoft (its serving as the 2nd application) directly but it's not ensuring that the messages is going to be received in the peoplesoft finish.

therefore we made the decision using MULE among third and fourth application. Is the ideal choice?

Would you assist with a better option wrt the architecture to ensure that the peoplesoft receives all of the messages which were sent

Searching forward for help.


I'm not sure enough regarding your architecture to provide you with a definitive answer but what you're explaining is a nice common use situation for Mule ESB. If you want to guarantee message delivery to PeopleSoft, you might want to have Mule write the messages to some queue first.

More info on this kind of pattern in Mule - http://www.mulesoft.org/documentation/display/MULE3USER/Bridge+Pattern