I have to send myself an automatic email daily from the home windows XP dev. machine. I have got Apache, PHP, and MySQL running here. I do not mind which current email address the e-mail will get sent from since i have can combine it with my address bar. I am wondering though, what should i enable/install to have the ability to send emails?

you are able to consider scheduled tasks might commandline php. Commandline php allows you execute php files in the cmd for instance php emailsend.php where one can make use of the mail() function. :)

You will need some kind of mail transport agent - like sendmail. You can theoretically make use of a PHP library for delivering email and also have it relay for an SMTP server located elsewhere.

You can test while using quick mailer library


Take a look at BLAT:

You are able to arrange it to operate inside a batch file after which make use of the Home windows Task scheduler to complete the batch file in the specified time every day.