I've got a application running in python, i wish to send the input obtained from the written text box from the web page and send it as being input towards the application and once more the creation of the applying that is in text format to the end result page on web.

thanks for the time :) :)

Here's my suggestion: modify your program to incorporate a control button for doing the transformation. Whenever you click it, it will go ahead and take items in the clipboard, do whatever transformation you would like, and set the end result back around the clipboard.

Once you accomplish that, to make use of it you choose the written text in the widget, make use of the keyboard copying it towards the clipboard, press the button around the GUI, then click in the widget and employ the laptop keyboard to paste.

Alternately, your program can just poll the clipboard every few seconds, perform the transformation and set the outcomes back (make certain your automatic polling ignores any changes triggered alone). With that you could perform a choose-all, copy, wait a few seconds, then paste.

This really is pretty trivial to complete both in Tkinter and wxPython, and that i would guess it's equally trivial with many other GUI toolkits.

Perhaps you have attempted PyQt4 that has this ability built-in? That you can do what you are asking within ten LOC.