I'm while using following type of the NetworkCredential constructor to create explicit qualifications before invoking a webservice that needs a particular identity:

myWebService.Qualifications = new System.Internet.NetworkCredential(userName, password, domain)

This has worked fine within our IIS 6. development and IIS 7.5 staging conditions in which the various servers are members of our domain.

This code continues to be used to some production atmosphere in which the servers aren't a part of a website but simply people of the WORKGROUP and also the proper authentication isn't working. At runtime, this effective substitution is failing:

myWebService.Qualifications = new System.Internet.NetworkCredential("localuserName", "Abc!Abc", "myServerName")

I do not have total use of these various workgroup machines and also the sysadmin who set up things there seems to possess setup the neighborhood accounts and application pools properly.

So, to sum up, can utilisation of the above technique still operate in a WORKGROUP simply by while using title from the server rather than the domain title? When the code should operate in either situation, then there has to be another configuration problem where I will need to chase lower a lot of the issue.