I've 4 pages

  1. home
  2. management
  3. services
  4. e mail us

I've 3 kind of customers

  1. public user
  2. broker
  3. supplier

I would like whenever a "Broker" logs to the website. he/she will only view webpage and services. Not other pages. likewise whenever a supplier logs to the web site he should see only management and phone us and residential page.

I understand in Joomla has 8 user types (Author,Editor.. etc) but I wish to personalize my very own user types accordingly. These customers just have Viewing to particular areas.

It may sound as if you are utilizing J1.5 and also the ACL isn't that sophisticated. You've essentially 2 options - you can purchase a third party ACL that provides you best control or upgrade to J1.7. With finish of existence coming for 1.5 in April 2012, it might be a waste to visit lower that path. I'd upgrade to at least one.7, then install ACL Manager and arrange it how ever you want.