I've a credit card applicatoin that functions as both a HTTP server in addition to a HTTP client. For security reasons, the applying operates on a server on the protected/internal network. I must setup a HTTP proxy that functions being an exterior interface for exterior parties to gain access to the applying.

For exterior HTTP clients to gain access to my application, I must possess a reverse proxy to deal with such situations.

For HTTP request from the application to exterior parties, I must possess a forward proxy to make sure my proper exterior URL's are delivered to the exterior parties.

Question: Can Apache HTTPD proxy be set up to operate a both a forward proxy and reverse proxy simultaneously?

Rapid answer (from the reading through from the paperwork) isn't any.

The forward proxy is triggered while using ProxyRequests directive

A reverse proxy is triggered while using ProxyPass directive. The reverse proxy paperwork condition

The ProxyRequests directive should usually be trigger when utilizing ProxyPass.

I believe should you enable both on a single server, you will see a potential clash inside your Allow, Deny configurations for Insolvency practitioners etc