Can someone give specific steps how you can implement hosting a Django based website by utilizing Amazon . com EC2 hosting service?

Is the fact that possible?

My website source code are available here

I goolged and located this article

Before doing anything Among the finest to obtain some fundamental ideas about Amazon . com EC2 hosting.

It definitely is possible, however it seems like EC2 isn't the best brand out there. For good examples of individuals doing the work, google for "django ec2" and look for the third and fourth links. links like this or this (edited as this real question is the top google result for your query!)

In an exceedingly oversimplified sense, EC2 is simply a server you are able to rent on an hourly basis. You could have it run home windows or linux, after which install python and django as if you normally would. Actually there's most likely a picture which has django preconfigured already. What stage of the project have you been at? Just researching, or perhaps you have become stuck on the particular trouble with either django or ec2?

UPDATE: Ok, I believe what you're unclear about is the fact that you will find all various kinds of hosting available. At one extreme, you are able to invest in your own physical server, install your personal operating-system (like home windows or linux), install your personal python, you have web server like apache or IIS, your personal django libraries, your personal database (like mysql) etc, after which upload your how do people that. In the other extreme you are able to purchase a merchant account on the hosting that is shared service, where another person has been doing all of the setup from the OS, the python, the net server, etc, and all that you should do is upload your internet site code. EC2 is nearer to the very first extreme, and it is most likely overkill for you personally. I believe inside your situation you ought to be searching for a far more handled solution.
I'd take a look at this web site, which lists a lot of different django website hosts: Django hosting

A great step-by-step guide are available here: