Imagine I've got a folder, within it are a lot of photos from the latest nude colony camping visit, and also the extravagant shots inside it and all sorts of, which i dont want just everybody to get access to when typing the primary folder e.g.
While individuals who've direct link from the entire file, might have access:

Now, can there be any possibility, and when yes, what is the correct correct apache language, to achieve the following rules for this site using htaccess or any other magical forces:

RULE1: Automatically, block accessibility ftp-lookalike-free-file entries to every folder contents.

RULE2: When however a (hidden?) file named pass.port exists for the reason that folder, then do allow ftp-lookalike free listing of all of the contents.

This way I'm able to make exception that folders I wish to let BE visible, and which do not. Appreciate your clues and suggestions!

To disable files listing for that directory and all sorts of sub-sites supplment your .htaccess

Options -Indexes

To disable viewing files having a particular extension (for instance, .port) add

<Files ~ "\.(port)$">
Order allow,deny
Deny from All