I am looking to get nginx + php-fpm +wordpress for everyone some pages from the site while serving as a proxy with other pages.


host/foo -> proxy to a different www server

host/bar -> wordpress (via fpm)

the proxy part works fine, however the nginx -> wordpress part just keeps redirecting towards the root page.

After i strace the php-fpm process, i begin to see the hits arriving and wordpress really does it's think and loads all of the content, but in the eleventh hour it simply redirects to the main page.

Aren't able to find anything on the internet regarding how you can begin to see the incoming fastcgi params around the php side. speculating something is wrong within the headers being sent from nginx, however i have no clue how you can see what all has been sent. (strace not super-useful here because it only provides the first couple of bytes)

basically check it out via telnet and kind:

GET / HTTP/1. <CR><CR>

i recieve the right content understandably (ie: does not redirect). but from the browser it's getting rerouted.