Does anybody understand how to setup a round corner menu in joomla? I want the items within the menu to possess rounded corner.

Are you currently getting trouble creating the rounded corner images or trouble with them within the template?

I visits ( or ( to simply create the buttons or background image you need to use for that menus.

To apply your new images within the menu, you'll most likely need to connect with the web site via FTP, upload your images towards the correct folder, after which edit web site to ensure that it uses the right images.

The simplest method of doing this is to locate the folder around the server in which the current menu images are saved, title your brand-new buttons exactly the same names because the ones getting used, and upload the brand new images, overriding the present images with they. Then you definitely will not need to edit the road to the pictures, web site will instantly display your brand-new ones given that they have a similar title that old ones did. Obviously, before you decide to do override that old images, I'd download and save the present images so you've them when the new buttons dont work!

A couple of things you will have to be cautious about are: either the brand new buttons must have the identical dimensions because the current buttons or (when the new buttons not have the same dimensions) you will have to edit recption menus characteristics (height, width, etc.) inside your template's stylesheet to ensure that the brand new buttons display correctly without tossing from the whole template.

Hope this can help! tell me for those who have questions...