i've produced a Custom Publish type Movie, as well as produced a webpage Movies and Demonstrated all of the movies on that page. Great….

“But the issue is”, After I click that movie, Its’ going on a single single.php page, and that’s things i don’t want, I would like a Saprate Single.php apply for this movie section and seprate others like news, videos, so tell what i’ll do with this

Create single-movie.php file inside your theme. Put custom code inside.

For just about any other custom publish type use single-publish-type-slug.php

heres how to get it done. Remove my way through your single.php place the next, and make multiple single.php files to your requirements. [note: in_category('id of the category')

$post = $wp_query->post;

if ( in_category(‘3′) ) {
include(TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/single-photo.php’);
} elseif ( in_category(‘4′) ) {
include(TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/single-video.php’);
} else {
include(TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/single-default.php’);

Best of luck ^ ^