When viewing a publish, I wish to show the date from the previous publish beneath the previous/next publish links but $publish isn't obtainable in previous_publish_link().

How do i carry forward the publish date in the previous publish in addition to obtain the date for the following link?

Did a little of searching on the internet, but no result. I Quickly opened up the file wordpress-include/link-tempalte.php.

Online 1327 you'll find next_post_link which calls adjacent_post_link function. This function again calls get_adjacent_post function to retrieve previous publish data.

Searching in the source, you need to have the ability to perform the following:

  $in_same_cat = false; 
  $excluded_categories = '';
  $previous = true;
  $post = get_adjacent_post($in_same_cat, $excluded_categories, $previous);
  echo $post->post_date;

This isn't examined, but It hould work.