I'm getting two site associated with shoping .My requirement happens when I place any product on that website that product be also reflected around the second site.

       one site is  :http://www.mcfloresca.com/
       second site  :http://www.etsy.com/shop/oneofakindclothing?ref=top_trail

Please provide me help I will be very grateful for you all Shalu Pundir

If you would like the information (image, text, whatever) to become exactly the same both in sites, then you definitely must either have the ability to access Etsy.com's database (that we believe you cannot) or make use of an API.

Etsy comes with an API here: Etsy Developer Community.

You are attempting to embed images in one site into another? Have you got permission to do this?

Otherwise, it's only a matter of getting on site1:

<img src="http://site2.example.com/somepicture.jpg" />

Should you mean you would like product information shared between your two, then you'd either need to have both sites backed through the same database, or some approach to syncrhonizing the databases on each site. You do not say which database you are on, consider you've labeled the question with php/wordpress, I am speculating MySQL. For syncing two different MySQL installs, lookup replication configurations within the MySQL paperwork

Oh, and saying it's urgent is not a great way to request questions here. Whether it's urgent, go look for a local guru you are able to pay..