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I am using Custom template to exhibit their email list of blogs, Since, I personally use home.php file to show custom webpage. I personally use query_posts() since its a custom template. I produced a webpage in wordpress admin using the custom blog Home template. Things are fine. However I can't get read more.. links to operate, when utilizing the_content('read more..')

After I use the_content('read more..') whole publish submissions are displayed without performing off after <!--more--> as well as, find out more link isn't turning up.

I just read through wordpress codex http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/query_posts as well as resetted global $more to

This is actually the page template I am using. http://pastebin.com/VTvN5dtT

What shall we be held doing wrong?? Help.

I have not examined this myself, but based on http://codex.wordpress.org/Customizing_the_Read_More#How_to_use_Read_More_in_Pages, the

global $more;    
$more = 0;

must be within the loop and before the_content('read more..');. As a result, inside your pastebin code, move lines 15-16 to line 30. Like I stated, I have not examined this, but provide a whirl and find out what goes on.