So, Let me have more experience dealing with high-traffic websites, but regrettably the web isn't beating lower the doorways to my blog.

How do i simulate hundreds/100s of hits per second on my small blog and test its performance? I am hosting my blog by having an SSH account on the shared server.

You are able to send plenty of demands for your server, using tools for example :

The first, ab, is only going to permit you to send plenty of a demands to some single URL -- that is great to benchmark just one script / page but does not reflect the actual pattern of the user browsing your site (CSS/JS/images do not get loaded, for instance).

The 2nd one, siege, will help you to send demands to a listing of Web addresses, specified by a text file -- building that listing of Web addresses correctly (there's a proxy for your) will enable you to get some much less bad tests.

And also the third one, JMeter, will help you to create more complicated situations.
That certain is much more complex, and you will need a little of your time to make use of it -- but that is most likely what's going to enable you to get the greatest results.

I personally use jmeter towards the load test my web programs. It could do what you're searching for.

Apache Bench is simple and simple. You will find lots of lessons.

Aside from the apparent tools like ab, you might like to have a look at something similar to tsung - an erlang based load test generator. One nice feature is it's capability to perform distributed load tests (that's, splitting the increasing visitor count over numerous machines).