I'm while using following Wordpress 3.1.1 with Nextgen Gallery and also the JQuery Cycle Lite wordpress plugin. I've downloaded the most recent version from the Cycle Lite Connect from http://jquery.malsup.com/cycle/lite/

The issue I've may be the Gallery I'm using has some portrait images in and although I've fit set they're being chopped off instead of reduced. See http://www.rjt.org.uk/home/testlocation1

I'm using [qq-ngg-jquery-cycle html_id="about-cycle-lite" gallery="7" width="400" height="600" fit="" center="1"] in Wordpress.

I suspect the issue is using the following section. however , am unsure how you can repair it.

        $slides.each(function() {
        var $el = $(this);
        this.cycleH = (opts.fit && opts.height) ? opts.height : $el.height();
        this.cycleW = (opts.fit && opts.width) ? opts.width : $el.width();

Suggestions please.

Your example page comes with an exception: jQuery("div#about-cycle-lite").jjcycle is not a function

I have produced a working jsFiddle but all of the images are identical size inside your example you will find none taller.