I've got a LAN in your own home. One machine runs a webserver. Another machine includes a webcam. I must create a web page around the hosting machine that delivers a stream in the webcam alternatively computer. The serving machine has it's own domain title/ip, however the computer using the webcam sits behind the router, using NAT. I'm no networking guru, but I'm a programmer with sufficient understanding from the stuff. Essentially I would like the page providing the video stream to simply be visible to registered customers.

Is even possible? Presently I'm using VLC to stream around the LAN. The only method I'm able to think to get this done would be to forward the main harbour to my webcam machine, and allow the webserver serve a webpage that contains a tag using the src as being a direct hyperlink to my router and also the submitted port.

Can there be an alternate where port sending towards the webcam machine wouldn't be necessary ?

You are able to setup a reverse proxy on the internet server to gain access to the webcam server. It may be sufficient to simply enable mod_proxy and add this for your configuration:

ProxyRequests off
ProxyPass /webcam http://webcam-server/stream-url

Whenever a client connects to the net server asking for /webcam, the net server will consequently connect with the interior webcam server and pass the contents to the browser.