I'm redecorating your blog, however they want me to create all category pages very in a different way. Layout and colours. Further on they need me to create different publish pages in a different way too. For eg: there is a videos category, as well as on a relevant video publish they do not want the sidebar and wish to center the recording like theater mode. Is the fact that degree of personalization possible in WordPress. Help me?

I wanna know:

how you can style different category archives pages in a different way?


how you can design a publish page in a different way according to it's category?


can you really take away the sidebar on individuals publish pages? if that's the case then how?

Knowing how you can do any of these help me, personal help or tutorial links will all help. Thanks all a lot.

I truly appreciate all of the help.

this really is easy... just look at this page http://codex.wordpress.org/Category_Templates and you'll be on the way. Also works together with tags and individual posts or pages if necessary.

Best of luck

You need to have a look in the Carrington theme framework. It is a simple framework which enables you to definitely easily override templates according to context.