Can someone guide me on how do i style "archive widget" to exhibit two posts (as with image below)?

archive widget showing two columns

I'm a new comer to wordpress and extremely don't understand how to accomplish this.

I have only used wordpress for any couple of several weeks, however it appears that there are two parts for your problem -

First I'd structure your two posts inside a 2-column table. Next, as you can replace wordpress functions, I'd discover the function that returns the archive links (most likely coming back them in a listing of some kind). Try modifying this function to come back the aged links within the above table structure. It might most likely require abit of likely to figure what several weeks you would like displayed in every posts or row, however it should not be way too hard). This will return right to your .php file also it should (theoretically work) :)

Again, I have only began using wordpress a couple of several weeks ago, but this is exactly what I'd attempt.

i designed my very own widget something similar to

during my sidebar.php file by spliting groups data into two posts after which somewhere in page its stlying based upon this data.

 $catArray = explode("</li>",wp_list_categories('title_li=&echo=0&depth=1'));
 $catCount = count($catArray) - 1;
 $catColumns = round($catCount / 2);

 for ($i=0;$i<$catCount;$i++) {
  if ($i<$catColumns){
   $catLeft = $catLeft.''.$catArray[$i].'</li>';
  elseif ($i>=$catColumns){
   $catRight = $catRight.''.$catArray[$i].'</li>';