Hi I am used hosting that is shared. I wish to switch off php safe_mode off for my website. My provider offered me a php.ini file and requested me to place it with my configurations during my public_html folder to override the configurations, however it did not work.


You are able to power it down with the addition of the next line to some .htaccess file inside your root (public html) folder.

When the .htaccess file does not exist, you may create it utilizing a simple text editing program.

php_flag safe_mode Off

You may also try to produce a file known as php.ini within the root (public_html or any other) folder, and putting the next inside it:

safe_mode = Off

Based on server configurations, this might work.

Your merchandise provider may have didn't remember to inform you you need to enable your user defined php.ini configuration with the addition of this line within the .htaccess file that you simply get in your public_html folder:

#Triggers php.ini config situated in primary folder to operate also recursively for those subfolders

suPHP_ConfigPath /home/YOUR_CPANEL_USER_Title/public_html

Clearly replace YOUR_CPANEL_USER_Title together with your cPanel user title.

I am assuming your server has suPHP module(quite common in nowdays).

BTW: the php.ini file have to be in /home/YOUR_CPANEL_USER_Title/public_html too and in the human body should write this:

safe_mode = Off

And don't forget that Safe Mode is deprecated in PHP 5.3. and it is removed in PHP 6...