I've a credit card applicatoin which will provide a user an chance to update certain values. I wish to send only the information on individuals posts towards the user and take updates.

Let me persist a hibernate entity produced from the things they send in my experience, although not update the posts the user does not need. Likewise, when they request a brand new entry, I wish to make use of the data they give me and hang the unmentioned posts towards the databases defaults.

Can there be a good way or best practice to make use of?

Must I produce a second mapping towards the table that simply does not mention individuals posts?

If you do not want individuals posts to become up-to-date, just don't call the setters of individuals posts? When the setter of the column is not known as (or known as with a brand new value), the column will not be up-to-date.

You have to fetch the entry with hibernate first, then call the setters for that appropriate posts after which persist it. This way, the information you won't want to be transformed will not change.

I believe I'll mark the home update="false" around the mapping file. I'd like to hear if there's a method to get it done per persist, therefore if I authored another thing which should change individuals fields, it would do it.