I am using Virtue Mart on joomla for catalogue features.So that as I am using joomla 1.7, I am instructed to use VirtueMart 2. that's still in RC condition. I have to translate it to Ukrainian language since it is so new, that nobody did it already.

Does anybody know where I ought to start? Because I have spent considerable time searching for something similar to: "VirtueMart 2. translation guide" however i didn't have luck.

Uh… I have figured it already. Her's list of positive actions:

  1. Obtain the british files known as en-GB.com_virtuemart.ini from /language/en-GB and /administrator/language/en-GB. First is perfect for front-finish "exactly what the site visitors see" and the second reason is for that back-finish "admin panel".

  2. Edit the file in almost any text editor. Just replace what in quotes with the thing you need.

  3. Change the start of the file for your language key and set it within the corresponding language directory in /language and /administrator/language. For Ukrainian, the files is going to be re-named to uk-UA.com_virtuemart.ini and set in /language/uk-UA and /administrator/language/uk-UA.

I'm also able to suggest with a couple version control to aid translation, so you will notice, whoever else changed using what.

If you wish to create a package that may be installed with extension manager, you need to read Creating language packs for extensions in Joomla_1.6