i personally use netbeans to look at projects from svn repo, i quickly edit the files and commit the alterations. but exactly how must i do in order to update the live web server content (in /var/www)?

must i during my ubuntu server use "svn checkout" and appearance it to /var/www or must i use netbeans to check on to a nearby folder after which upload the files to /var/www with ftp or webdav (and which one of these must i use)?

If you're moving out changes to some production server, you shouldn't be looking at changes from SVN directly. Rather, I suggest you package your application being an apt package, Revoltions per minute, etc. Then make use of the package to set up (or update) the applying around the live server. That method for you to track what version from the software programs are installed, and you'll have with additional control within the upgrade process.

If this sounds like an improvement server, you should use netbeans to instantly upload content to some remote server whenever you 'run' or 'debug' the project. Go to project qualities runtime configuration - I suggest using sftp rather than ftp. Regardless this really is great because when you are making changes it'll only upload the modified files.

An alternate could be svn export, which pulls lower the code with no versioning.