I have trouble with permalinks. During my site, I register the custom publish type title 'product' and taxonomy 'type' . In taxonomy 'type', I added terms like :

  • food
    • food A
    • food B
  • drink
    • drink A
    • drink B

With every product, I added one term, i.e. product1 in food A , etc.

The permalink is much like this:

Product : http://abc.com/product/product1
Taxonomy : http://abc.com/type/food

However I want the permalink transformed for this:

Product : http://abc.com/product-type/food/food-a/product1
Taxonomy : http://abc.com/product-type/food

I attempted to configure .htaccess file however i can't change anything. I discovered in Wordpress Solutions an answer would be to alter the "Rewrite" in register_taxonomy function however i can't change anything again.

'rewrite'=>array('hierarchical' => true,'slug' => 'product-type')

I already added items, and today I can not find in whatever way to alter the permalinks. I really hope someone might help me to resolve this issue.