I must upgrade a running wordpress site's wordpress Content management systems plus some installed plug ins.plus some plug ins which i wish to upgrade continues to be modified before to attain something.


  • How you can upgrade Wordpress to latest without losing anything, any publish, comments?
  • What safeguards must i take?
  • How must i take backup of things?
  • Must i take backup of database also?
  • How you can upgraded modified plug ins without losing functionality?

It truly is dependent that version that. From the knowledge about Wordpress: Sometimes it can go perfectly it can also turn to be considered a terribly cumbersome work, based on what plug-inches are running and what else continues to be completed with cellular phone.

Anyway, I am confident you will find extensive migration guides around the Wordpress site - reading through through, and dealing with individuals ought to be the first order of economic.

A couple of general points:

How must i take backup of the things?

Perform a full backup of all of the site's folders through FTP, making a dump of databases used (it's often one database). You should use phpMyAdmin's "Export" function for your.

Must i take backup of database also?

Yes, certainly.

How you can upgraded modified plug ins without losing functionality?

That's impossible to reply to not understanding the plug ins. It may vary from "works perfectly" to "awful mess". Best request the one who modified the plug ins.

Wordpress comes with an excellent export feature

It'll export within an XML format

This really helps make the Database backup redundant- but I recommend that you simply go ahead and take backup anyways

Also disable your plug ins prior to the upgrade after which turn them on 1 by 1...

I personally use WordPress off svn.

For my own site I am living around the trunk as well as on the greater "serious" sites I personally use the stable branches and also the usual svn switch when I wish to upgrade.

I additionally just use plug ins that are around at http://plugins.svn.wordpress.org

In so doing I am effective in keeping my modifications to my plug ins after i do svn up. It'll merge the updates with my changes.

If you have modified the origin code of Wordpress and/or extensions you will need to by hand upgrade them so that you can re-implement your hacks accordingly.