Let me embed an ajax application right into a wordpress site. The ajax application will talk to servlets running on tomcat. The servlets need a method to verify if your request arises from a person that's drenched directly into wordpress. So how exactly does this generally get solved?

AFAIK, wordpress is stateless and doesn't use periods, making me curious the way a drenched in user in wordpress could be monitored. The 2nd issue is, just how can a servlet request wordpress to ensure if your given user continues to be drenched in?

Any advice is welcome, Thanks.

The only real factor that can be done is browse the snacks. Which works only when you're utilizing the same domain (or subdomain and also the snacks are valid for those subdomains). The session cookie may not provide you with sufficient information, however. You cannot read a PHP session from the Java application, and usually, you cannot mix two programs this way.

Like a little workaround, you should check with javascript who's the presently drenched user (by locating the username within the DOM), and send by using ajax, but that's not secure whatsoever.