I have carried this out script and added on joomla mod_login after login on welcome message:

$db =& JFactory::getDBO();
$query= "UPDATE #__users SET piva=' . $user->partitaiva; .' where id=' . $user->id;";

I have: defined lines before $user->partitaiva and $user->id. added area piva on jos_users.

There is no error, but there is nothing designed in db!

Could someone let me know how do i find out if this works? a output error, or report...something!

thanks S.

Book the query, it should be

$query= " UPDATE #__users SET ".$db->nameQuote('piva')."=". $db->Quote($user->partitaiva) ."  where ".$db->nameQuote('id')." = ". $db->Quote($user->id);