I'm getting lots of challenge with mod_rewrite, and for some time I'd it going, but for whatever reason all things have eliminate.

Can there be any kind of fundamental test will be able to do in order to make certain that it's not something fundamental damaged.

It will appear in phpinfo()

RewriteLog and RewriteLogLevel should assist you to discover what's happening.


For testing, setup a spend script using curl, run it, then consider the log.

For additional robustness, you can write actual tests from the produced log file by parsing it inside your scriping language of preference.

A secret that nobody mentions is the fact that mod_rewrite is confusing partially beacuse it's buggy.

Once you are sure you realize it, it will something strange and also you get depressed and vow not to touch it again. Captured I discovered a bug that was described in 2001. You heard right, 2001. There is a bugzilla entry for it dating 2006. And a few replicates. The bug is simple to breed, yet still it has not been fixed.

You will find an area for this however it has not been merged in to the code.

Obviously, mod_rewrite being mod_rewrite, there's a strong possibility that there's may well, simple explanation to what is happening. Code and good examples may be useful.

Make use of an .htaccess file to produce some rules. If they are not effective then something is damaged :)