I've written a Ruby (not Rails) application which creates webpages. The script is a component of a linux web server and it is known as up by apache using CGI in reaction to HTTP demands. Pretty standard stuff.

After I am running it by myself computer I consider the apache error log to determine the ruby error messages.

However, around the host which i use I've no accessibility apache error_log. Well, I am presently not able to determine the mistake messages when my script hits an issue. Usually only a blank page or perhaps an apache error page.

I've ssh accessibility host.

It is possible to method to easily begin to see the error messages along with other log output?

Multiple solutions here.

  1. Redirect logs to syslog (presuming you can get it). Find out more here

  2. Evaluate Rails application logs (you shouldn't be confused by http logs in Apache) inside your_application_dir/logs