My Apache 2.2.9 operates on Debian Lenny 5..1 with 2 network connects, one interface includes a public IP and hostname, another isn't set up. This machine suits services running around the Light stack.

There's a Home windows Server 2008 SP2 machine running IIS 7 that serves our ASP.internet needs. This area could be set up to become either on the local or perhaps a public IP and it has 2 network connects too.

Both servers serve over SSL and Apache is public facing.

It is possible to way whenever a request for example is created the browser can serve contents in the IIS server without needing a redirect and moving to Quite simply the consumer mustn't /experience/ any switch happening. Thanks!

Basically understand your circumstances properly, In my opinion you might have the ability to use [cde] to complete what you would like. Essentially, Apache would behave as a "reverse proxy" for that demands that you simply really wish to serve from IIS. Observe that a reverse proxy is not just like a normal HTTP proxy. In the mod_proxy paperwork:

A reverse proxy ... seems towards the client much like an regular web server. No special configuration on the customer is essential. The customer makes regular demands for content in the title-space from the reverse proxy. Overturn proxy then decides where to transmit individuals demands, and returns this content as though it had been itself the origin.

Yes, what Laurence Gonsalves states. This is a simple as basic could be configuration file that I have obtained from a caching reverse proxy server of mine. You need to have the ability to operate in some URL matching but I have dirty that myself.