The issue I've is that i'm attempting to put a Zend Framework web application on the internet and although it works perfectly on my small localhost, it provides extensive errors online. I understand that you will find some things needed for any Zend web site to work.

  • I want the document root to become
  • I want php5
  • I want mod rewrite on

I want the document root to become I've got a testing website using the following folder setup:



       /other test site

       /other test site





I want help identifying exactly what the appropriate .htaccess file could be to ensure that my Zend Web Application works.

You are able to figure the webroot for any domain to suggest to the folder insider your FTP upload directory, thus that you can do

+ userhome


-- staging

-- test

-- production

Then see your 1&1 user interface and make three subdomains for There must be a choice to suggest each subdomain's webroot towards the appropriate folder, e.g. // point it towards the staging folder    // point it towards the test folder

world wide     // point it towards the production folder

Whether you should use .htaccess and mod_rewrite is dependent how your webhosting package is set up. Contact 1&1 (get ready for discomfort) to discover if that's possible. If it's not possible, Google has numerous recent results for Zend Framework without .htaccess. You don't need mod_rewrite, nor .htaccess. Case suggested.