Can you really deny an IP from going to a particular publish on my small wordpress blog, maybe by indicating the Link to the publish?

<Files abc.html>
    order allow,deny
    deny from
    deny from 012.34.5.
    deny from
    deny from 
    allow from all

You are able to deny access based on Ip or perhaps an IP block. The above mentioned blocks accessibility page abc.html from, and from the sub domain underneath the IP block 012.34.5. (,,, etc.)

.htaccess files are

a) recursive on subdirectories and

b) cumulative backwards.

This is often hard to understand.

-The .htaccess within the root directory is applicable to everything on the website, since it is applicable towards the subdirectories.

-An .htaccess inside a subdirectory can override items that parents .htaccess has set.

-RewriteRules apply backwards order. That's, the present directory rewrites apply first, then your parents rewrites, and so forth.

why dont you simply put these new rules pointed out above inside a seperate .htaccess file within the directory which consists of the publish you need to be protected from the url or perhaps an IP.