I can disable use of personal files with .htaccess, but I'm not sure how you can disallow multiple files to become seen (directly, not from includes)

They're .php and so i can't disable personal files type (such as the only lessons online say..)

<FILES ... ? 


Or something like that.. For instance "home.php, file.php , test.php" how do you disallow use of the 3 files with this tag? or similar, help please!

If you wish to exclude files according to regular expressions, you could utilize FilesMatch rather than Files, e.g.:

<FilesMatch ^((home|test|file)\.php$|mysecretfolder|asecretpicture\.jpe?g)$>

Appears like you need to exclude individuals files 1 by 1:

<files home.php>
<files file.php>

You should use *.gif in <files> or something*, but as home.php, file.php and test.php can't be arranged having a "*", this really is most likely the only method to go.